Paris, the capital of automobile haute couture

Mullin Automotive Museum exposition

The MULLIN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM is one of the ten largest collections in the world, and is the only one devoted entirely to French cars.

Mullin Automotive Museum

Peter Mullin and his wife Merle see themselves as the temporary guardians of this collection and the idea for the museum, which they first came up with 16 years ago, finally took shape when the Otis Chandler Museum, which had been devoted to all means of transport, closed down.

Merle and Peter Mullin can often be seen at the wheel of one of their 'sculptures on wheels', gathering awards at concours d’élégance all over the world.

Among the vehicles on display at the Museum is a large collection of Bugattis, Peter Mullin's favourite marque, including the 1925 Bugatti Brescia showcased at Rétromobile in 2009 and an impressive family of Voisins, all fine representatives of Art Deco in motion.


RETROMOBILE: an opportunity to see the ten most important cars from the MULLIN AUTOMOTIVE MUSEUM

BUGATTI type 57SC Atlantic châssis n° 57374

Atlantic Bugatti 1936

Supercharged in-line 8 cylinder engine with double overhead camshaft.Bugatti bodywork in riveted aluminium.
One of four ever made.Sold new to Mr Rothschild in September 1936, it was painted in metallic blue grey and had a blue leather interior, just as we see today.
Winner of the Pebble Beach concours d’élégance in 2003


BUGATTI type 46 châssis n° 46360
1930 Bugatti

In-line 8 cylinder engine.
Two-seater cabriolet made
by De Villars in Courbevoie.
Sold new in Paris in 1930, this car was discovered in Greece in 1999


DELAHAYE V12 Type 165 châssis 60744

1939 Delahaye 165

12 cylinder V-type engine. Two-seatercabriolet with bodywork by Figoni & Falaschi in Boulogne-Billancourt.
This car was built for the 1939 International Exhibition in New York and shown at the French pavilion. Because of the war, it remained in a customs warehouse until 1946, when it was purchased and went to Beverly Hills. It was discovered in Honolulu in the early 1980s. One of the most important cars in the Peter Mullin collection.


DELAHAYE V 12 type 145 châssis n°48771
1937 Delahaye 145 GP

12 cylinder 4,500 cc V-type engine. Winner of the GP du Million in 1937. The GP du Million was designed to stimulate the French racing car industry in competition with Alfa Romeo and Mercedes, and was largely financed by the French state via a 10 franc increase in the tax on driving licences. On 27 August 1937, René Dreyfus completed 200 kms at the Montlhéry autodrome at an average of 146.508 kph, and Delahaye won the 1 million franc prize. After a checkered career, chassis N°48771 formed part of Serge Pozzoli's fabulous collection, and was acquired by Peter Mullin in 1987. It has been completely restored to its configuration for the GP du Million, and Peter Mullin sometimes races it and drives it at vintage car shows.


DELAHAYE  V12 Type 145 châssis  n° 48772

1937 Delahaye 145 Coupe

12 cylinder 4,500 cc V-type engine. This car began its career as a racer and was then purchased by the famous bodymaker Henri Chapron, who converted it into an elegant two-seater coupé for Robert Cuny, owner of the "Transports Modernes" company in the Vosges.
After having several different owners including the Schlumpf brothers, the car was acquired by Peter Mullin in 2003.


DELAHAYE V12 Type 145 châssis n° 48773
1938-46 Delahaye 145 Coupe

12 cylinder 4,500 cc V-type engine.This car also started out as a racing car in 1938. The following year, M. Duprie bought it and had the famous bodymaker Henri Chapron convert it into a two-seater coupé. The outbreak of war and the difficulty of tracing the owner meant that the car was only completed in the early 1950s; at this point it was sent to the USA, but it came back to Europe in the early 1970s. Shown at Rétromobile in 2004, the car was bought by Peter Mullin and added to his collection.



1937 Dubonnet

8,000 cc in-line 6 cylinder engine. Made by Saoutchik in Neuilly sur Seine for André Dubonnet, heir to the Dubonnet drinks fortune, who was also a racing car driver and inventor of a revolutionary patented suspension system. Hidden during the Second World War, it was used to inaugurate the St Cloud Tunnel in 1946. This motor car has won the prix d’élégance in the most prestigious international competitions.


1922 Hispano-Suiza

In-line 6,600 cc 6 cylinder engine.
Skiff in riveted mahogany made by Henri Labourdette.
Made specially in 1923 for the airwoman Suzanne Deutsch de la Meurthe


VOISIN Type C25 Aérodyne 1934

1934 Voisin

In-line valveless 6 cylinder engine. Of the seven cars built, five survive. They had an aerodynamic design in the shape of an aircraft wing.
This car had a sliding pneumatic roof. Pure Art Deco interior trim.
This outstanding car won Best of Show at the prestigious Pebble Beach competition in August 2011.


TALBOT  LAGO Type T26 Grand Sport 1947
1948 Talbot Lago T-26

In-line 4,500 cc 6 cylinder engine.
Two-seater coupé with bodywork by Jacques Saoutchick in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
This coupé was one of the fastest French cars of the post-war years.